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Pulling about 85km in three days with muscle cramps and foot blisters 😱😱😱

The last three days have been quite eventful. I hiked through woods, up and down hills, across open fields and through several tiny villages. I often hiked under the rain, on a lot of mud, rocks or tall grass and I got to experience some of the strongest and most persistent winds I have ever seen. There were moments where I felt very hungry and thirsty and run out of food and water. I felt a bit frustrated when, after walking for hours away from civilization, I entered some small countryside villages and was not able to restock with food and water.

I also met a lot of friendliness and kindness along the way. A guy in a bar saw that I was very thirsty and gave me a huge bottle of water without charging me for it, whereas my current host lady where cooked a whole dinner for me when I showed up exhausted late at night. I got emotional as I had just hiked 35 km with foot blisters and two muscle cramps and I was literally starving to death as I had not found any food along the way.

I have now been taking my second day of rest and recovery in Auchy-au-Bois after my second fatigue fever of the trip 🤒. My plan is to keep moving south tomorrow and take it a bit easier in the next few days.

I took several beautiful pictures along the way. I shared some of them here. By the way, do you want want to hear a funny story? I got chased by a bunch of cows (see the picture) while hiking in the countryside. Fortunately, there was a fence between me and them ... :)

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Scenery looks very peaceful Claudio! Glad to get this update after a few days with no news. Keep it up!

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