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All Roads Lead to Rome

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

This is the start of an hiking adventure I have been thinking about for a while. Pilgrims first walked on the VIA FRANCIGENA more than a thousand years ago. This trail normally takes about three months to complete and runs all the way from Canterbury (UK) to Roma (Italy). It winds through the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland and Italy and is approximately 2000 kilometers long.

I have not trained for this and I am also not in great shape at the moment. I actually don't know whether I will manage to reach the end or even complete a quarter of the trail. That said, I will try my best starting from Canterbury on August 6 2019.

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Claudia De Mutiis
Claudia De Mutiis
Jul 22, 2019

Amazing! That is soo inspiring to me!


Great idea to start a blog Claudio! Looking forward to hearing about the journey!

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